Terms and Conditions


Pre And Post Occupational Cleaning Terms

The following are to be supplied by the Client:
a) A constant supply of water and electricity.
b) Unobstructed access to all areas.

Any delay affecting completion of the work, resulting in additional costs for Cleaning Your Closet,
will be for the Client’s account.
We do not guarantee the removal of stains.



Professional Organising Terms
a) Cleaning Your Closet (Pty)Ltd will only remove/dispose of items from the property as authorised by
the client/property owner in writing.
b) Our services are conducted in the presence of the client/property owner unless we are provided with written
authorisation from the client/property owner granting Cleaning Your Closet (Pty)Ltd access to the premises.



We accept the following:
Internet Transfers/EFT
Cash (no cash deposits)
Please note that we DO NOT ACCEPT CHEQUES. Payment is required 2 days before
commencement of cleaning/organising. Proof of payment must be e-mailed to spotless@cleaningyourcloset.co.za
We will not be able to start the service if the deposit has not been paid. Balance due will need to reflect in
Cleaning Your Closet’s bank account on the day of completion.
Cleaning Your Closet hereby limits its liability to any claim of any nature by the Client for any
consequential damages, loss of profits or indirect costs of any form or nature.

Refer to downloads for full Terms and Conditions on each service