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We Specialise in


Professional Organising


 Cleaning and Tidy Up of Vacant/Unfurnished Premises

The Story Of Two Classy Ladies


Starting out as colleagues, and becoming friends we both realised that

we have a passion for organising and cleaning!


With us constantly having to organise and clean our own homes everyday, we know

how important it is to have a lifestyle with practical systems so that you can enjoy

and have time for more important things in your life.

We started our company based on our knowledge, own life experiences

and understanding, so that we can do the same for you. We want to assist

and help our fellow beings be their own and enjoy what they have

to do at the same time. By offering our solutions for practicality, you

will find every task will become enjoyable to complete, offering

an even further sense of self fulfilment.


This is why we bring you this service, as we enjoy it and enjoy

the accomplishment it brings to us and our customers!

You can trust that we will be the best at what we do, as we

ourselves will be the team and are dedicated to

the importance of your space and items. We take pride in

ourselves, what we do and how we do it. Our goal is to make sure that our client is

happy and satisfied, so that they can feel at ease.


Walk straight into a refreshed space of your own with

all your items having a place of their own

Moving is stressful, and cleaning is a part of that. So let us take that load off...

Providing our clients with clean homes in the demanding chaos of movement, We aim and pride ourselves to make sure that
our customers are moving forward, by effectively creating space ready for efficiency and organisation, by creating a clean start to a gleaming future.


We take pride in giving our client the highest standard of quality

Peace of Mind

We will put you at ease by knowing that the job is done right

Excellent Service

We will ensure that all our clients are satisfied

Our Reputation is Spotless


The Dapper Dusting Service:

Cleaning and Tidy Up
Vacant/Unfurnished Premises

Bachelor Flats
Garden Cottages
Commercial Properties

We also clean newly built offices, houses and newly renovated spaces

Our Basic Cleaning Regime :

Cleaning of the Skirting Boards and Window Sills
Cleaning of the Curtain Rails and Pelmets
Cleaning & Sanitising of Bathrooms, Toilets & Kitchens
Cleaning of Doors and Door Frames
Cleaning of all Cupboards, Cabinets, Counter Tops & Drawers (inside and out)
Cleaning of Light & Plug Switches
Cleaning of Mirrors and other fixtures
Spot Washing of Walls
Cleaning of Basic Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans
Patio Dust and Sweep
Washing of Inside Windows/Outside Windows
Vacuuming of Carpets
Vacuuming & Mopping of Hard Floors

Our Dapper Extras are included on our downloadable brochure


The Dapper Declutter Service:

Personal Organisational Systems
for Home and Office
Organising of Cluttered Living Spaces

Dining Rooms

Home Offices
Living Rooms

Speciality Rooms
Storage Areas/Rooms
Tool Sheds

We also offer a Dapper Dusting Service for
Pre and Post Occupational Cleanings

The Assessment of Your Particular Needs

For the initial consult, our knowledgeable consultants will need to view the space. We will discuss with you, your specific requirements and together we can see what practical systems would assist you in getting organised. From here you will receive a formal quote, which will include an estimate of how many sessions you will require. Sessions are not required to be consecutive, they can be arranged periodically. Each booked session is charged separately.